Tuesday, January 1, 2008

The Plus Size Trapeze Dress - every Curvy Girl needs one!

Donna Ricco Sleeveless Stretch Satin Dress (Plus)

Above is a $168 Donna Rico stretch satin plus size trapeze dress (at Nordstrom.com). Super cute, huh?

I am in LOVE with the trapeze dress. It is so girlie and feminine and there are just so many ways you can wear this look. Not to mention the fact that it is great for so many body types, especially the bottom heavy ones. How do I know?? I have watched countless women walk out of the dressing room at Curvy Girl clothing in a trapeze dress. The same trapeze dress they didn't want to try on because it looked like a muu muu (it kind of does when it's on the hanger). The same trapeze dress that showed their arms. Gasp. Their legs. Gasp. And you know what? They LOVED IT! I have to say, that there are few items we have in our store that are sold nearly every time they are tried on. The trapeze dress is one of them. This style is hot right now (Fall/Winter 2007) and it will remain hot through the Spring/Summer 2008 season. Look for vibrant colors and prints and soft and stretchy fabrics.

If you are nervous about showing your arms, check out Curvy Girl Clothing's extensive selection of shrugs and bolero cardigans. We are famous for the amount of shrugs and cover ups we carry (ok, amongst our circle of friends, but famous nonetheless). :) Do not let sleeveless items scare you! There is a shrug for everyone, even those who have sworn them off! Does that mean we are saying that all plus women have to covering up their arms? Absolutely not! Have you seen our clothes!?!?! We LOVE curves and curvy women and we feel you should flaunt every ounce of curves on your body. If you feel comfortable and confident and sexy in your sleeveless dress, then by all means, go for it! I'm just saying....as a clothing company owner, I have insight to the inner workings of a plus woman's mind (as she typically talks about them out loud to the mirror as she stands in a dressing room) and the verdict is in that many women prefer a good shrug every now and then.

The other item we recommend with the trapeze dress are a good pair of leggings. Our preference is the seamless kind as they are so stretchy and comfortable (they are also our best selling item). You will wear those leggings under your favorite dresses and tunics. You will wear them under your long skirts. You will LIVE in these leggings. This is another item that women come into our store searching for. Once they try a pair on, they will typically buy them in every color (sometimes two in every color). Rest assured, as long as our manufacturers make this item, we will carry it. You may not want leggings now, but you'll break down....eventually. :)

About the author

Lisa Toton is co-founder of Curvy Girl Clothing. She lives in Los Angeles, CA with her husband. When she is not obsessing over plus size fashion, she is writing sketches (some for Curvy Girl Clothing) or you can see her on stage at many of the top comedy clubs in the Los Angeles area where she has been performing as a stand up comedian for a better part of the last decade.
You can contact Lisa at lisa@curvygirlclothing.com.

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